Opesh Singh is a Businessman, Author, Investor and a Global Business Mentor/Coach.

He helps his clients make big profits by making complicated business topics easy to understand and apply in current economic environment. He is most famous for teaching overseas businesses.

He has written many bestsellers like Transforming from Manager to CEO, Win Sales Game, Earn 1000 USD a Day, Become a Ruling CEO, 100 Days Growth Training, Setting Up Business in Africa ,Setting up Your Overseas Business,Do Export business and becoming Rich.

Opesh Singh made the inception of Opesh Group possible in 2005. At a very young age of 21 years, he started his venture in the Drilling and Mining sectors, in India. Soon, he approached global markets, made his mark quite successfully in African Markets, at the age of 27, and is continuously adding feathers in his cap since last 13 years.

Opesh Singh has emerged as the youngest businessman, author, and consultant who has established himself as a multinational business owner and the notable thing about this fact is that he has done this afresh in a short time span of 13 years.

His method of operation is very generic. According to him success can be found by sticking to schedules, being religious about duties and responsibilities, by adhering to latest technologies, influential marketing and branding techniques, positive mindset and a broad perspective.

ABOUT 3B Business Growth Conference


At 3B Business Growth Conference you will learn about Business Growth, Business Startups Methods, Export and Import Business, Marketing and Branding Methods, Sales Boosting Techniques, Finance and Funding of Business, Communication and Leadership Skill, Motivation and Problem Solving for Business and Life, Networking for Business Growth. That means we have arranged everything which is required to achieve a successful Business Model.

Over 2000 Entrepreneurs and Businessmen, Investors, Ministers, Bollywood Celebrities, Leadership and Motivational Speakers, Sales Trainer, going to join at Sirifort Auditorium,Delhi for the Biggest ever Business Conference ever held.

3B Business Growth Conference will transform your life. 3B is Big Dreams, Big Network and Big Money. 3B Conference consists of actions on all areas of your interest, helps to accomplish you an extraordinary life also called as 3B Life.

Many people who want to Successful and have great ideas often do action below required level to live an exceptional life they deserve.

3B means to live a king size life you should have Big Dreams and Big contacts to Make Big Money. 3B is about boosting your Energy, Efforts and Pace for chasing your Dreams.

Our 250+ Experts are working in 6 countries worldwide to make this event a never witnessed before Business Networking Conference ever.

Our team consists of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable industry experts who are passionate and dedicated to making this event an incredible Business Growth Conference.

We have experts from different sectors like Ph.D. Doctors, Economists, Professors, Sales Experts, Advertising experts, CEO and many more.

3B Business Growth Conference is a One in a Million opportunity to meet and Start fruitful connections with Delegates around the world who are experts in the field Management, Branding and Marketing, International Trade, Exports and Imports business and many more.

For wider team of teams Opesh Group and Premium consulting (Greece) joint hands together at November 11, 2016.

Dr Emmanouil Nikolaidis Founder of Premium Consulting have a vast experience of 20 years in consulting sector in European countries.

Together both Groups start working from 2016 in one platform to provide better result oriented services to our clients Globally in European, African and Asian continents.